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Price for group 250 $

You will visit the most interesting destinations in the Carpathians such as Mount Hoverla and Mount Hymba (Gemba), the Rocks of Dovbush, Synevyr Lake, Bukovel resort and taste local beer and cheese.

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Excursion to Synevyr Lake

7.15 - departure from Lviv. - Stop (photopause) on Volovets pass - Walk to the waterfall "Shipit". - Stop for mineral water tasting. - Walk to Lake Synevir. - A stop for visiting the rehab center for brown bears. - Return to Lviv.

Volovetskyi (Beskydskyi) Pass

The Beskydskyi Pass is a mountain pass through the Vododilnyi Range in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located on the water divide between the rivers Opir Vycha (Vicha) and on the border separating Skolivskiy District in Lviv Oblast and Volovetskyi District in Zakarpattia Oblast. The pass is 974.5 m high.

Waterfall Shypit


At the foot of Mountain Hymba in the village of Pylypets, there is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine – a waterfall Shypit. Its numerous streams fall down from a height of 14 meters and resemle thousands of diamonds that are rolling from above. The waterfall attracts by its beauty at any time of the year. However, it is the most full-flowing in the spring, when the snow melts. What is the waterfall whispering about and what love story are its waters narrating - you will find out during our tour.

Mountain Hymba


In Polish, “gemba” means a lip. The mountain does resemble a lip. It offers a lot of vast landscapes from the Polonyna Borzhava, a part of which Mountain Hymba is. The tourist routes, as well as hiking routes pass here. Eight lifts are operating on its hillsides, therefore even the laziest tourist can easily get to the top of the mountain.

Synevyr Lake


Synevyr Lake lies at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters above sea level. The Legend of the Carpathians, the Pearl of the Carpathians, or the Sea Eye of the Carpathians - these are just some names of Synevyr. It was formed around 10 thousand years ago as a result of an earthquake; three mountain streams flowing to the lake maintain a high water level all the year round. The lake has a maximum depth of 24 m and an area of around 5 hectares. The lake is graced with mahogany sculptures of two lovers: a young man Vyr and a girl Syn; legend has it that the name of the lake was formed by combining these two names. The monument is 13 m high. In Synevyr, there is a large number of trout of several species; however, fishing for trout is strictly prohibited. Swimming in the lake is also prohibited, although cold water doesn’t inspire to swimming - in summer, it reaches a maximum temperature of 10-12°C only. You will always want to come back to the life giving waters, especially, if you are a backpacker tired of the trip. Create your own legend about the beauty of this lake like more than one generation did, like those who were fascinated by this place, left and keep leaving a piece of their hearts here.


The tour price includes:

  • - travel by comfortable bus of the Euroclass,
  • - escort guide support,
  • - accommodation in the hotel.
    • The tour price does not include:

    • - food,
    • - admission tickets.
    • Price admission tickets:

      Waterfall Shypit - adults 10 UAH, free for children;

      Synevir - adults 25 UAH, children 10 UAH;

      Mountain Hymba - adults 120 UAH, children 80 UAH;


    *Payment of the tour is paid in the equivalent in UAH at the rate of the tour operator*

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    Tour to Hoverla

    Поход в Карпаты

    Price for group 280 $

    Climbing Hoverla - the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Yaremche (waterfall "Break", Hutsul Bazaar).  Incredible green-blue mountain ranges will remain in your memory for a long time.

    Price for group 280 $

    Chornyi Cheremosh River rafting, excursion around Yaremche (Probiy Waterfall, Hutsul market). You will feel amazing adrenaline rush from raft riding a mountain river and have good memories of the Carpathians that will stay with you for a long time.

    Price for group 1900 $

    You will visit the most interesting destinations in the Carpathians such as Mount Hoverla and Mount Hymba (Gemba), the Rocks of Dovbush (possible changes in the route), Synevyr Lake, Bukovel resort and taste local beer and cheese.

    Price for group 220 $

    We offer you to look on the Carpathians from the window carpathians tram in Vyhoda.You will see reserve "Shyrkovets", source "Naftusya" and Rocks of Dovbush (Possible changes in the route due to weather conditions)

    Carpathians Tours

    The Carpathians is a real pearl of western Ukraine, a landmark glorifying natural might and glory. Picturesque landscapes became the plot of many paintings or legends; high forehead mountains encourage many travelers to conquer their peaks. Full-flowing rivers carry their crystal waters washing picturesque peaks and valleys. This land became a real year-round tourist and sports resort.

    Mountain Trip

    Who wouldn’t want to conquer the highest mount Hoverla? Who has never dreamed about seeing incredible landscapes from the picturesque Ukrainian mountain peaks? Skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, baidarka rafting or simply spending leisure time in large forests imbued with Hutsul spirit – every visitor will receive a hospitable welcome from the Carpathian Mountains. You can choose one of the most popular tours called ‘On Hoverla’ and conquer more than two meters of the highest Carpathian mountain. Alternatively, you can choose other equally exciting tours such as ‘Tustan & Kamianka Waterfall Tour’, ‘Lake Synevyr & Shypit Waterfall Tour’ or ‘Carpathian Tram and the Rocks of Dovbush’.

    Two-Day Carpathians Tours

    If one day in the Carpathians is not enough for you, we are pleased to offer you 2-day tours that will let you fully appreciate all the advantages of mountain trips and enjoy healing effects of Carpathian air. Choose our winter ‘Pylypets Ski Tour’. Minimum expenses and maximum emotions - bright impressions guaranteed! If you want to travel to the most luxurious resort in Ukraine, you should choose ‘Bukovel Ski Tours’.

    Multi-Day Carpathians Tours

    And finally, you can always drop everything and let yourself truly rest. Enjoy the Carpathians for a whole week with the multi-day tours. One of these tours is ’Following the Trails of Hutsulshchyna’ where you will experience authentic local customs. You will learn local legends and fully immerse yourself in the world of Hutsuls. Another seasonal tour that will not leave anyone indifferent is ‘4-Day New Year Tour to the Carpathians’. The year beginning should be memorable and special like the whole year! Stay with us and there will always be something to remember!