Chornyi Cheremosh River rafting

Price for group $280

Chornyi Cheremosh River rafting, excursion around Yaremche (Probiy Waterfall, Hutsul market). You will feel a wonderful adrenaline rush from raft riding a mountain river and have good memories of the Carpathians that will stay with you for a long time.

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Price for group $280


Extreme-tour on Black Cheremosh

1 day
8:30 Departure from Lviv: (1 Dvirtseva Square, Railway Station)
Yaremche (Probiy Waterfall, Hutsul Bazaar) 
Bukovel (lift / lake) 
Dinner (upon reservation)
2 day
Breakfast (upon reservation) 
Check-out from the hotel 
Rafting on the Black Cheremosh 
Lviv (return to the railway station, 23:00)


Excursion to Yaremche

Yaremche is a city in Ivano-Frankivsk region. It can be called tourist for a long time, since every corner has many attractions for the guests of the Carpathian region. The city is surrounded by mountains. On its territory there is a waterfall, “Break”. Here is a monument to the soldiers of the UPA, “Fighters for the will of Ukraine”. And also the colorful Hutsul Bazaar. Ceramics, embroideries, unique creations of potters, carvers — it is in Yaremche that you will be able to purchase exclusive souvenirs and household items made by local craftsmen.

Probiy Waterfall


In Yaremche, you feel you are at the heart of tourism. Stop and get down on a boulder, warmed up by the sun along the Prut River. Listen to the roar of the foaming Probiy Waterfall, get surprised looking at brave guys swimming next to the dangerous waterfall whirlpools, behold the stunning flowing river standing on the suspension bridge completely covered in love locks. You can buy wonderful Carpathian stuff at the souvenir market not far from here (edible horses made of cheese, handwoven blankets, and various wooden and cane products). You can try traditional Hutsul dishes in a must-visit Vodohray Café and Hutsulshchyna Restaurant built without a single nail (borshch, bryndza, baked trout, etc.).


Excursion to Bukovel


Holidays in Bukovel are not just skis and snowboards. In the summer, there is also a lot of fun for tourists and fans of extreme sports. You can climb the wooded peaks of the Homyak Mountains, Pip Ivan, and conquer Hoverla. Or even challenge the stormy river Black Cherry by trying to raft its current.


Chornyi Cheremosh Rafting


Chornyi Cheremosh Rafting is an extreme outdoor activity in the mountains, but given the low complexity of the river, it is quite safe for beginners. This is the place where you will find everything you need to experience water and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians. Turbulent river flows and steep mountain rapids: Dzembronia, Didiv Likot, Bila Kobyla, Huchky, Huk — you will not be able to forget the experienced impressions. Flood of positive emotions and sensations, stunning Carpathian landscapes, and clean air — this is the vacation in the Carpathians that you will remember forever.


    The tour price includes:

  • — travel by comfortable bus of the Euroclass,
  • — escort guide support,
  • — accommodation in the hotel.

    The tour price does not include:

  • — food,
  • — admission tickets.

    Price admission tickets

  • — Hoverla — 25 UAH.
  • — Hoist on Bukovel — 120 UAH.
  • — Lake in Bukovel — 55 UAH.

What to bring with you:

— comfortable non-wetting tourist shoes

— jacket, preferably windproof with a hood

— sweater warm

— hat

— raincoat

— swimsuit

— shoes for water


*Payment of the tour is paid in the equivalent of UAH at the rate of the tour operator*


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