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You will visit the most interesting destinations in the Carpathians such as Mount Hoverla and Mount Hymba (Gemba), the Rocks of Dovbush (possible changes in the route), Synevyr Lake, Bukovel resort and taste local beer and cheese.
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Tour in Carpathians for week

    1 day 

  • 8:30 Departure from Lviv: (Dvirtseva sq., 1, Railway station)
  • Dovbush rocks (possible changes in the route due to weather conditions)
  • Time for lunch
  • Fortress Tustan
  • Check-in
  • Dinner

    2 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Synevyr Lake
  • Synevyr Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center
  • Time for lunch
  • Kolochava (the largest village in Transcarpathians with 10 museums, dining at Wolf's inn)
  • Dinner

    3 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Waterfall Shypit
  • Mountain Hymba
  • Lunch / Dinner

    4 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Deer Farm in Iza Village
  • Wicker products
  • Thermal Pool Warm Waters in Veliatino
  • Time for lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • Geographical Center of Europe
  • Check-in
  • Dinner

    5 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Hut-museum of the film “Shadows of forgotten ancestors”
  • Polonynska ‘Khata-Staya’ (Cheese Factory)
  • Museum of Musical Instruments by Roman Kumlyk
  • or
  • Rafting on Black Cheremosh
  • Lunch / Dinner

    6 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Climbing to Hoverla
  • Lunch / Dinner

    7 day 

  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Bukovel (elevator/lake)
  • Yaremche (souvenir market, Dovbusha track, waterfall Probiy)
  • Time for lunch
  • 22:00 Approximate return to Lviv: (Dvirtseva sq., 1, Railway station)
Excursion to the Dovbush Rocks

You may get lost here. Or you may find the treasures. The cave complex “The caves of Dovbush” is a labyrinth that is 1 kilometer long and 200 meters wide. The height of the labyrinth is 80 meters. It is situated among the trees of beech and smereka forest and sand rocks. The opryshkys headed by legendary leader Oleksa Dovbush once hid here. Have a walk around the complex — stone embankments, rocky formations, mysterious gorges and deep holes, you will never forget such a journey.

Excursion to the Tustan Fortress

Tustan Nature Reserve consists of: Kamin Rocks complex (Hostryi Kamin, Mala Skelia, and Zholob) and rocks that are geographically adjacent to the Voronovyi Ridge; area that is adjacent to the aforesaid rocks with cultural layers from the ancient times to the Middle Ages; a defense system (multirow ditches and ramparts) of the Tustan Rocks complex; a hydraulic facility (dam) in the Stavy Natural Landmark; areas where natural landmarks are located. Tustan is a unique historic monument and a piece of architecture of the ІХ-ХІІІ centuries that unrivaled throughout Europe. It is a place where you can turn back history and become a part of Ukrainian Medieval culture.

Excursion to the Lake Synevyr

Synevyr Lake lies at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters above sea level. The Legend of the Carpathians, the Pearl of the Carpathians, or the Sea Eye of the Carpathians — these are just some names of Synevyr. It was formed around 10 thousand years ago as a result of an earthquake; three mountain streams flowing to the lake maintain a high water level all the year round. The lake has a maximum depth of 24 m and an area of around 5 hectares. The lake is graced with mahogany sculptures of two lovers: a young man Vyr and a girl Syn; legend has it that the name of the lake was formed by combining these two names. The monument is 13 m high. In Synevyr, there is numerous trout of several species; however, fishing for trout is strictly prohibited. Swimming in the lake is also prohibited, although cold water doesn’t inspire to swimming — in summer, it reaches a maximum temperature of 10-12 °C only. You will always want to come back to the life giving waters, especially, if you are a backpacker tired of the trip. Create your legend about the beauty of this lake like more than one generation did, like those who were fascinated by this place, left and keep leaving a piece of their hearts here.

Synevyr Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center

Synevyr Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center occupies an area of 12 hectares of mixed forest, mountain rivers, and waterfalls. The mission of the Center is rehabilitation of individual brown bears that were abused or held captive in an improper environment. The bears are first held in pens and after the treatment, they are let go to a specially equipped natural environment. For those bears that do not want to make homes themselves, there are twenty dens dug out at the rehab center. The top of these ‘homes’ is equipped with wood beams and the floor is covered with hay and dried leaves. Today, 18 bears live in the rehab center.

Excursion to Kolochava

There are 10 museums in the village, imagine how much the dwellers love and are proud of their homeland. There is no other place in Ukraine like Kolochava with its spacious valleys and spinless lush forests. You will be amazed to see either a monument, a memorial sign, or a church rising from behind a sharp bend of a twisty path. This place is really replete with landmarks. It’s no wonder because the village combines various traditions and the heritage of Hutsuls, Boikos, and Lemkos and welcomes everyone who wants to explore it.

Kolochava’s Museum Stare Selo (Old Village Museum)

Kolochava’s Museum: Czech School

Kolochava’s Museum: Soviet School

Kolochava’s Museum: Shtayer’s Bunker

Having meals at Wolf’s Korchma (Tavern)

Beneath Mountain Hymba in the village of Pylypets, there is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine — a waterfall Shypit. Its numerous streams fall down from a height of 14 meters and resemble thousands of diamonds that are rolling from above. The waterfall attracts by its beauty at any time of the year. However, it is the most full-flowing in the spring, when the snow melts. What is the waterfall whispering about and what love story are its waters narrating — you will find out during our tour.

Mountain Hymba

In Polish, “gemba” means a lip. The mountain does resemble a lip. It offers many vast landscapes from the Polonyna Borzhava, a part of which Mountain Hymba is. The tourist routes, as well as hiking routes, pass here. Eight lifts are operating on its hillsides, therefore even the laziest tourist can easily get to the top of the mountain.

Free Time Activities at Pylypets Resort:

Quad Biking in the Mountains

The Carpathians can be viewed from the top of the lift.  They can be explored during hiking.  And you can conquer on ATVs.  And the latter is one of the most popular among tourists.  Because it is an adventure that is hard to forget.  ATVs in Pylypka are a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful places in the most exciting way.  We offer wind, drive, and adrenaline in our friendly company.
Gymba is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the highest peak of the Polonin Borzhava massif.  Gymba is like a dome.  And we'll climb it on the lift.  But not just to look at the landscapes from above.  But also to rise into the air.  We offer you a steamboat flight on Mount Gymba — a pearl of Carpathian beauty, uniqueness, and beauty.  Mountain ranges, forests, waterfalls — everything will be in the palm of your hand when traveling at a bird's-eye view.  Is such a thing to be abandoned?

Climbing Mount Vysokyi Verkh

Vysokyi VerkhMountain is one of the most attractive for tourists who want to see the beauty of the Skole Beskids.  The height of the mountain is over 1.2 km above sea level.  You can climb it on a gentle slope or on a lift.  High Top is an incredibly picturesque place that deserves the attention of every lover of natural beauty.

Bathing in Hot Tubs

During our stay in Pylypka you will have a unique opportunity to combine relaxation and healing.  Bathing in the vats in the Carpathians is a special relaxation in the warm water at the fire in the bosom of nature.  It is a kind of jacuzzi, but with a local color that fills the body with energy, improves mood and has a positive effect on the body.

Going to a Bathhouse

One of the most picturesque villages in the Carpathians will be remembered not only for the beauty of nature and the mysteriousness of the mountain slopes.  After an active rest, a portion of fresh Carpathian air and numerous impressions, we offer you complete relaxation and wellness — a visit to the bath in Pylypka.  After bathing procedures and pleasant communication in a friendly society, you will surely feel a rush of energy and an overwhelming desire to get to know the Carpathian region and its surprises even better.

Travelling to Zakarpattia (Transcarpathians)

Warm and welcoming holiday land of poets and cookery experts. There is a certain unique festival for each type of wine: white wine festival in Berehovo, red wine festival in Mukachevo, young wine festival in Uzhgorod as well as honey and wine festival. A question in your ear sounds like a song: “Oh, wine, wine, scarlet wine. Would you drink, my darling?” This fascinating land will immediately make you fall in love with its rivers and mountains. You will not find a mild climate and welcoming hosts like here in any other place in Ukraine. Don’t miss your chance and the Transcarpathians land will welcome you with Japanese cherry blossom blooming and an olive-skinned ox-eyed beauty casting a fascinating glance.

Deer Farm in Iza Village

It is the only authentic deer farm in Ukraine. One hundred and fifty chamois and deer attract streams of tourists. Actually, no one can help to admire these sweet and friendly animals constantly posing for a photo. You shouldn’t miss a chance to feed yummy stale or fresh bread to them.

Thermal Pool Warm Waters in Veliatino

Healing waters of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathians) are very popular among both locals and Ukrainians from other cities. Warm waters of Veliatyno is one of the most popular thermal water resorts, well known for the healing effects. These baths are saturated with bromine and iodine that have a relaxing effect on the body. The salinity of this water is 100 grams per liter, which is ten times higher than that of seawater. Even overseas visitors come here to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in the warm waters extracted from a one-kilometer deep well in Veliatino. You should try it because your health is worth taking care of.

Wine Tasting

Hospitable Mansion of Mychailo Polychka’s Family Wine House is located on the outskirts of Vynohradiv in Zakarpattia Oblast on the southwestern slope of Chorna Hora (‘Black Mountain’). The massif of the mountain with orchards and vineyards growing on its down slopes is a state nature reserve. Wine House offers wine tasting sessions. The wines are made of grapes growing in the vineyards of the southern side of Mount Shalankivska in Vynohradivskyi District. The area is geographically located at the level of Hungary’s Mount Tokay (Tokaj). On the land plot where the Wine House is located, there is a ‘collectible’ yielding vineyard with over 250 table and wine grape varieties from all over the world. Wines are made at the underground cellar of the Wine House, where the temperature level of 14-16 °C is maintained throughout the year. At the underground cellar, you can learn about the wine aging and storage technology. On the 1st floor, there is a tasting room where the fireplace is burning during wine tasting sessions reviving the history of viticulture and winemaking and filling with a jolly spirit of the God of Wine Bacchus. There is a covered terrace adjacent to the hall and entwined with various grape varieties were in the cool shade of a grape bush, you can hold a glass of wine and enjoy fresh grapes thinking about eternal. When acacia and linden trees are in bloom, you can breathe dense, fragrant air, hear birds singing, and see pheasants walking around and calling each other. Before the sun goes down, you can hear a roebuck’s call from the nearby forest. You can find a full range of honey products from apiaries located on Chorna Hora. Visitors have open access to both the orchard and the vineyard. From July to December, table grapes (including Don Agate, a therapeutic variety) constantly ripen in the vineyards.

Geographical Center of Europe

There are a lot of ‘centers’ of Europe in and outside of Ukraine, since Europe is always young, changeable, restless, etc. But this center near Dilove Village was measured (I would love to say ‘treasured’) by a special ultraprecise Austro-Hungarian device in the pre-war period of 1887… So, there is no doubt about it, moreover, no one wants to doubt… Ok then, here, then here!

Ascent of Hoverla

Such hiking trips, or ascents, will clean your body and give you a second wind. Conquering steep trails will make you hardier and more confident. Moving several kilometers up the road, to heavens, above the clouds, passing by three worlds: coniferous and beech protected forests, a belt of low growing junipers mixed with blueberry, or yafina (‘athena’), bushes, and spacious mountain pastures carrying the smell of wind. You can see springs sanctified by molfars and rare wild birds somewhere on the way… Ascent of Hoverla is an adventure that you should not miss!


Hutsulshchyna and Hutsuls are our country’s flamboyant phenomenon. Hutsuls have been historically known for bright, colorful clothing and authentic folk traditions, which attract many visitors from around the world. Mountains have had an impact on this subethnicity, in particular, on the character and habits of Hutsuls. They are extremely hospitable and cheerful people, so come here, and you will see!

Excursion to Hutsulshchyna

Hutsulshchyna and Hutsuls are our country’s flamboyant phenomenon. Hutsuls have been historically known for bright, colorful clothing and authentic folk traditions, which attract many visitors from around the world. Mountains have had an impact on this subethnicity, in particular, on the character and habits of Hutsuls. They are extremely hospitable and cheerful people, so come here, and you will see!

Hut-Museum of the Film ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’

The Museum that was founded at the turn of the centuries is a monument to the Ukrainian poetic cinema of the past century. The museum’s staff like Carpathian gold diggers washed out memories about the cinema’s great adventure piece by piece. Here, ordinary citizens, incredibly talented people and genii are mixed in a single flow as well as folk antiques and advanced means of expression of that time. ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’ won many international awards and still fascinates viewers.

Polonynska ‘Khata-Staya’ (Cheese Factory)

If you come out to a mountain pasture in late summer, you will immerse yourself in the world of sheepherders. Previously, sheep farming was considered the core labor activity of Hutsuls; however, later on, cheese making and sheep shearing became not so profitable, although the traditions still live on. In a ‘kolyba’ on the mountain meadow, there are big bryndza (sheep milk cheese) truckles hanging from the ceiling and being smoked. You should ask cheese craftsmen to learn what ‘gleg’, ‘buts’, ‘vurda’, etc., mean. Polonynska ‘Khata-Staya’ is waiting for you!

Roman Kumlyk’s Musical Instrument Museum

Roman Kumlyk, the owner of the private mansion museum that was founded in the first half of the 2000s, prefers to conduct excursions in a varying manner. You can always learn something new here. The museum owner collected various exhibits, such as household items, clothes, money, women's jewelry, etc., from throughout the Carpathians. However, the collection of musical instruments that is frequently extended is the most valuable thing here. Mr. Roman will not only tell you about each instrument, but will also play, or even sing, which turns the excursion into a concert of authentic music, music of tops and bottoms.

Verkhovyna Brewery Museum

Verkhovyna private brewery is not only a production facility, but also a museum where the experts will help dear guests discover the world of tipsy magic herbal potions of Hutsuls.

Chornyi Cheremosh Rafting



Chornyi Cheremosh Rafting is an extreme outdoor activity in the mountains, but given the low complexity of the river, it is quite safe for beginners. This is the place where you will find everything you need to experience water and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians. Turbulent river flows and steep mountain rapids: Dzembronia, Didiv Likot, Bila Kobyla, Huchky, Huk — you will not be able to forget the experienced impressions. Flood of positive emotions and sensations, stunning Carpathian landscapes, and clean air — this is the vacation in the Carpathians that you will remember forever.

Excursion to Bukovel

Bukovel is the best ski resort in Ukraine that you can enjoy all year round. You can go skiing, snowboarding, skating, dog sledding, etc., in winter, and go hiking, diving in the lake, and sightseeing in summer. Anyway, here, you can always enjoy clean healthy air, breathtaking views and have an excellent mood.

Probiy Waterfall

In Yaremche, you feel you are at the heart of tourism. Stop and get down on a boulder, warmed up by the sun along the Prut River. Listen to the roar of the foaming Probiy Waterfall, get surprised looking at brave guys swimming next to the dangerous waterfall whirlpools, behold the stunning flowing river standing on the suspension bridge completely covered in love locks. You can buy wonderful Carpathian stuff at the souvenir market not far from here (edible horses made of cheese, handwoven blankets, and various wooden and cane products). You can try traditional Hutsul dishes in a must-visit Vodohray Café and Hutsulshchyna Restaurant built without a single nail (borshch, bryndza, baked trout, etc.).

Dovbusha trail in Yaremche

There are many legends and fantastic stories about Opryshky and their leader Dovbush. In this area, a four-kilometer tourist route lies from Drybka Natural Landmark, through the cliffs, a twisty trail, past multiple reminders of ‘robbers’ (like the government called them) until you see the Rock of Dovbush that is on Gorgan Zaprutsky (a mountain range).


The tour price includes:

  • — drive on bus;
  • — accompanying by the tour guide;
  • — excursion accompanying in museums;
    • The tour price doesn't include:

    • — breakfast and dinner
    • — accommodation;
    • — admission tickets in museums:
    • — Excursion to the Dovbush Rocks — 30 UAH.
    • — Excursion to the fortress Tustan — total — 50 UAH, privilege — 25 UAH.
    • — Climbing Hoverla — 50 UAH.
    • — Dovbusha trail in Yaremche — 20 UAH., children — 20 UAH.
    • — The elevator in Bukovets — 120 UAH., children under 12 years — 75 UAH.
    • — Hut-museum of the film “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” — total — 25 UAH, students and children — 15 UAH.
    • — Polonynska Khata-Staya — general and pensioners — 25 UAH, students and students — 15 UAH.
    • — Museum of Musical Instruments of Roman Kumlyk — general and student — 25 UAH., children — 20 UAH.
    • — Rafting on Black Cheremosh — 400 UAH.
    • — Deer farm — 30 UAH., children — 20 UAH.
    • — Excursion to Kolochava (4 museums) — 150 UAH.
    • — Lake Synevyr — 25 UAH., children — 10 UAH.
    • — Beer rehabilitation center — 25 UAH, children — 10 UAH.
    • — Waterfall Shypit — 10 UAH.
    • — The elevator on the mountain Gymba — 140 UAH., children under 12 years — 100 UAH.

    What to bring with you:

  • comfortable non-wetting tourist shoes
  • jacket, preferably windproof with a hood
  • sweater warm
  • hat
  • raincoat
  • swimsuit
  • shoes for water

    *Payment of the tour is paid in the equivalent of UAH at the rate of the tour operator*

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