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History of the tour operator MTourism

Once upon a time, more than ten years ago, we dreamed of traveling the world and believed that we would be able to reach the farthest corners of the planet. Dreamed of seeing the legendary cities and countries, to know Ukraine kilometer after kilometer.


When we first went on the trip, we were only fifteen. Podkamin (monastery and “stone”), the centuries-old town of Brody and Pochaiv Lavra - the first route left in memory the most passionate and vivid memories. At that time, none of us could even think that in a couple of years we would help others to realize their tourist dreams.

екскурсії від туроператора Молодіжний туризм

We invented new and new trips, formed routes based on the 100 most interesting places in Ukraine. We went where we were most interested in visiting. We planned our trips with minimal expenses and the most saturated programs of rest. Invited to visit friends and friends of friends. And every year, we - more and more dreamers and adventurers - are getting bigger…

екскурсії від туроператора Молодіжний туризм

In 2009, it became possible to turn the dream into a legal organization. This is how MTourism was born, a company that invited young and energetic people to rest unforgettably and brightly. Our company grew with us. We expanded the geography of our itineraries and learned how to look at each journey through the eyes of our guests. After we managed to arrange tours to India, Georgia, Armenia, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, we decided to improve them. Make it as comfortable as possible and think again about every factor - living conditions, optimal cost, curiosity of the route. We have improved the quality of each tour, and at the same time did not give up their emotionality for a moment. At this point we have reduced the geography of our travels. But they significantly increased their fullness and comfort. We no longer go blindly, but we know exactly where, when and how we will rest. We ponder every kilometer and take into account many details: optimization of physical activity, informativeness, emotionality. That is why we can boldly offer our company to people of all ages and status. Although most of our clients are young people, we travel with representatives of different generations. Age is not a barrier to discovering the world and resting in a truly quality way.


Today, MTourism is not just a group of young enthusiasts, it is a tourist operator licensed for tourism who can give a vivid impression to people of all ages and status. We still offer the highest level of software, and in addition to the impressions we are very responsible for the service and quality of services. With us you have the opportunity to embark on a vibrant journey with the highest possible cost, and at the same time be 100% sure that every step will be comfortable, safe and professionally organized.

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Тour operator "MTourism" - private company "Krylos Kom" was founded in 2007.

Details of tour operator "MTourism":

p.c. "Krylos Kom" EDRPOU 35145639,

р./р. 26003053715452 Privatbank, Ukraine, Lviv, MFO 325321

  • UA353253210000026003053715452 UAH (26003053715452)
  • EUR273253210000026005053721057 EUR (26005053721057)

The constituent documents and the license:

license for tour operator activity № 581220 series АГ dated 12.07.2012

Bank Guarantee No. 6121 was issued by PJSC "COMMERCIAL BANK" GLOBUS".  The warranty is effective from November 13, 2017 and runs through February 13, 2023.

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