tour to Lviv

Price for group $200

The Tour includes visiting the most exciting attractions. We offer excursions “Around the streets of ancient city” and walking tour “7 Wonders of Lviv”, Bus Excursion around the city (big route), Bus Excursion around the city (little route).

Daily (pre-booking)


Price for group $300

Six excursions in one tour: on the first day, you'll be able to enjoy coffee and chocolate; next day, you will have a sightseeing bus tour around the city; on the third day of our sightseeing tour, you will find yourself in the historic part of the town.


Daily (pre-booking)

4 days tour to lviv

Price for group $550

Six excursions around old town and 1 trip outside the city: on the first day, you will be able to visit castles of Lviv region: Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv Castle; within the next three days, you will have a deeper acquaintance with the city.


Daily (pre-booking)


Price for group $800

Six excursions around old town and 2 trips outside the city: you will have a deeper acquaintance with Lviv that will take you 3 days; besides, you will have a trip to the Castles of Lvivshchyna and the Carpathians.


Daily (pre-booking)

тур до Львова на 6 днів-en

Price for group $900

Eight excursions around old town and 2 trips outside the city. The tour will provide you with a balanced personalized experience; besides, you will have two one day trips out of the city to the Castles of Lviv region and the Carpathians.


Daily (pre-booking)

Тижневий тур у Львів-en

Price for group $1000

Ten trips around Lviv in one tour and 2 trips outside the city — for those who would like to learn almost everything about old town, go to the Carpathians and visit the castles of Lviv region.


Daily (pre-booking)

There is a unique atmosphere in the old city with its enchantment and architectural monuments of a lifetime. Lviv set at a gaze by out-of-the-way museums, extending a warm welcome to oddball intimate restaurants. Just take one of the most interesting tours and learn the city in your discretion.

Lviv Weekends Tour

Lviv Weekend Tour is the best choice, not being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — a dream can come true. The city of Lions is able to amaze for hours, casting a spell in a few days. A thematic Tour "Lviv is a city of coffee and chocolate" can be chosen in order to feel Lviv's taste. It is both tart and strong. Go to the popular Lviv Tour for 3 days and enjoy the city from Friday to Sunday, traveling with chocolate wreaths, dungeons, breweries and sights. There is also an opportunity to become a "Two-day Lviv Tour" participant, appreciating the most picturesque city excursions at once: "Austrian Lviv", "St. George Church", "Market Square architectural complex", "High Castle", "Lychakiv Cemetery", "Elite Lviv" ", Rambling through the city streets, Lviv catacombs.

Multi-day tours

You will need at least two days to experience a wondrous beauty of the city. Moreover, both popular and interesting tours are offered at your disposal: Week tour to Lviv, Six-day Lviv Tour, Tour for 4 and 5 days. There will be a majority of interesting stops in the most worth-while city places within each of them. You will dine with original local dishes, dropping into in the richest western traditions and relaxing with Lviv's flavor.

Tours for holidays and festivals

Leisure time activities are of paramount interest. The "Night in Lviv" festival, the cheese and wine holiday, the high day of chocolate, the Batyar holiday, the day of youth, "Valentine's Day Tour" and "New Year's Eve" — all these entertaining variants are already waiting for your irreclaimable decision to attend the Lion City, assaying it for hospitality. You can also visit Lviv on holidays of prime importance. "Christmas Day Tour", a "Easter" trip, a "Lviv Palm Sunday" journey, "Catholic Christmas", as well as a peculiar "Publishers Book Forum" — the city of Lion invites you, waiting for a visit on weekdays and holidays! The "Youth Tourism" tour operator is a creative team, organizing active holidays for both gilded youth and those who love fertile holidays. We offer: regular Lviv tours, Carpathians trips and Lviv excursions. Every year we make a foreign tour, exploring wonderful corners of our planet. Our trips always take place both in cheerful and full of optimistic community! We will embody all the colorful life dreams just today. Let us do it between us!