tour operator team MTourism

Team of "MTourism"

Office workers:

photo of the director of the travel company MTourism


Director of "MTourism".

Areas of activity:

  • establishing cooperation with travel agencies, restaurants, places of accommodation, guides;
  • development of new tours.

+38 (097) 907-21-98    +38 (093) 637-66-99

photo of the chief manager in the travel company MTourism


Corporate group manager.

Areas of activity:

  • Acceptance of corporate orders in all directions (across Ukraine).

+38 (068) 311-31-00    +38 (095) 011-77-70

photo of the manager of the travel company MTourism


Tourist manager in group tours.

Areas of activity:

  • Receiving bookings, booking reservations in directions: Lviv, Lviv region, Carpathians.

+38 (063) 307-45-66    +38 (096) 633-29-98

photo of admin of site of tourist company MTourism


Site Maintenance Manager.

Areas of activity:

  • SEO settings.
  • Filling the site.

photo of a marketing specialist of MTourism


The official social media manager.

photo of the accountant of MTourism




photo of the main guide of the tourist company MTourism


Accompanying groups in multi-day tours in the direction of Carpathians, Transcarpathia.

Accompanying languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

photo of the main guide in Lviv tourist company MTourism


Excursions: "Streets of ancient Lviv", "7 Wonders of Lviv", "Villas of Lviv", "Lviv - the city of coffee and chocolate", "Bus excursion in Lviv".

Excursion languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

photo guide of tourist company MTourism


Excursions: "7 Wonders of Lviv", "Villas of Lviv", "Lviv - city of coffee and chocolate", "Bus tour around Lviv", "Lviv romantic".

Excursion languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

photo guide in MTourism


Guide translator with 17 years' experience. Expert from excursion sites in Lviv, Western and Central Ukraine. He specializes in working with Jewish groups.

Excursion languages: Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian.

photo guide in MTourism


Excursions in Lviv and the region, as well as in the Carpathians, Transcarpathia, Pochayiv, Kremenets, Dubno, Kamianets-Podilsky, Synevyr, Shipit, Lviv, thematic excursions. Psychological education. Conducts exclusive excursions for parents with children, specializes in work with school-age children.

Excursion languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

photo of the guide in the direction of Hoverla, Bukovel in MTourism


Accompanying group on tours on Hoverla.

Accompanying languages: Ukrainian.