jewish places of lviv

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Explore the Jewish side of Lviv that is one of the city’s most exciting and tragic topics. In Lviv, unlike many other cities, there were two Jewish plots; perhaps, this is the reason why so many monuments have survived.


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villas of Lviv

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Every villa has both an owner’s history and the city's history, in particular, Ivan Franko Villa Museum and Hrushevskyi Villa Museum located next to the Bielskis’ and Jozef Franz’ Palaces, and the legendary Citadel with its four ‘long-suffering’ towers.

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Popular tours to Lviv for everybody

Lion city is one of the most popular cities in Ukraine. It contains extremely unique architecture of South and East. While walking along its streets, you will see really interesting architectural solutions and decorations of the buildings. Old narrow streets lanes of the central part of the town will surprise you with their uniqueness and antiquity. Almost in every corner of the town you can find historical sights and incredible works of the modern artists. The atmosphere of uniqueness is filled with old batyars, who you can easily meet in the street, and wonderfully dressed ladies, who will offer you to buy some memorable souvenirs. More and more tourists are getting interested in our town, so entertaining and thematic programs are always updated. So, for example, for coffee and chocolate lovers, we offer the excursion: Lviv is the City of Coffee and Chocolate. As the town is famous for its beer, we can offer our Lviv Brewery tour for those who want to taste extraordinary fresh hop beer. For those, who want to feel the romantic spirit of city, or to get a role in a love story, we offer a walk along the streets of Old Town or visit excursions: Romantic Lviv or Erotic Lviv. We offer walks of different tastes. Make sure on your own.

Lviv Bus Tours

Exploring a town is possible in different ways. One prefers hiking. Another likes looking at the architecture through the bus windows. We offer some integrated options – Lviv bus tours with stops for walking. Visit our 1,5-hour excursion with stops near Opera House, Lychakiv cemetery, monument of Bandera, neo-gothic St. Olha and Elyzaveta Church, a monument of Fame. You will explore the town with great pleasure without fatigue, and you will cover the maximum of what Galician capital can actually show you in 1,5 hours.

Exclusive Excursions: no town will offer you that

Every year a lot of different interesting festivals take place in Lviv: Festival of Coffee and Chocolate, Pysanka Festival, Festival of Folk and European Art, Festival of Cheese and Wine, Batyar’s Day, "Christmas Star" Festival and many others. There is entertainment for everybody.A town lives a full life during the year and there is always an opportunity to have a good time and be a part of an event , which will stay in memory about a very special town.