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If you pop up to a coffee shop in the city center during the tour and taste aromatic coffee, you will fall in love with Lviv. Lviv emits the scent of coffee and chocolate. This dizzy fragrance makes your head spin.


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In Lviv, you can always sweeten your mood and brighten up your day. If you take ‘Lviv — the City of Coffee and Chocolate’ Tour, you will see that Lviv is the only place where you can enjoy the most aromatic coffee ever at the oldest coffee shop in the city called Pid Synoyu Plyashkoyu (Under the Blue Bottle), you will fall in love with Lviv at the most romantic café Zolotyi Ducat (Golden Ducat), you will feel like a child again in Lviv Handmade Chocolate Works and immerse yourself in the ‘aromatic’ history in Kopalnya Kavy (Coffee Mine).

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“Lviv is a city of coffee and chocolate” Tour

Yuriy Kulchytsky Monument

People call him the Coffee King. Rumor has it that a Lvivian Kulchytsky opened the first coffee house in Vienna. However, this information is more likely to be a legend than reality. But this is not the way things are. In fact, Yuriy Kulchytsky was a sly fellow who traded coffee grains ‘for peanuts’ and taught Austro-Hungarian citizens to love this energy drink. Today, Lviv emits the scent of coffee. The monument to the Coffee King attracts curious tourists.

Lviv Handmade Chocolate Works


You have never seen so much chocolate. Chocolate flows like a river here and takes on incredible shapes as follows: animals, memorable souvenirs and amazing candies with a hundred of delicious extras. You will be impressed with a range of products offered by the Chocolate Works — you can even try chocolates with succades or marzipan candies. It will drive you crazy. Try Lviv chocolate, and you will never forget the taste.

Kopalnya Kavy (Coffee Mine)


From now on, coffee is extracted from the mine. Lvivians were those who invented this idea. Their coffee is special. It differs from coffee that people around the world got used to. Moreover, every visitor can go down to the mine and see the very process of digging and extracting coffee. Once coffee beans are extracted, they go through roasting and brewing processes. You can try authentic Lviv’s coffee in a café located right above Kopalnya Kavy.

Pid Synoyu Plyashkoyu (Under the Blue Bottle)

Searching for a quiet place to talk and eat well? Then Pid Synoyu Plyashkoyu Café is right up your alley. The history of the European coffee houses lives here. The menu will amaze you with interesting names of items and incredible archaic expressions used as the names of delicious foods and drinks here. If you visit Pid Synoyu Plyashkoyu, you will immerse yourself in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. By the way, here you can try a delicious fondue.

Zolotyi Ducat (Golden Ducat)

A little mystic and a very romantic café where you can enjoy the most aromatic coffee in Lviv. There is a mirrored ceiling and soft lighting, which makes the scent of coffee even more intense. Zolotyi Ducat offers the best variety of coffee in Lviv. Various legends and mysterious stories that shroud in the café walls create a special, unforgettable atmosphere here.


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With a group of 5 or more, people have the opportunity to enroll in a chocolate-making workshop at the Lviv Handmade Chocolate Works

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