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Every villa has both an owner’s history and the city's history, in particular, Ivan Franko Villa Museum and Hrushevskyi Villa Museum located next to the Bielskis’ and Josef Franz’ Palaces, and the legendary Citadel with its four ‘long-suffering’ towers.

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Looking for an unusual tour around Lviv? Adore ancient buildings? Want to learn more about the historic villas of the City of Lion? Then this offer is right for you! During our interesting and enlightening tour, you will see the unique Josef Franz’ Palace, hear the history of the Bielskis’ Palace, feel the spirit of Kameniar (Stonecutter) in the Museum or Villa of Ivan Franko, visit the Mychailo Hrushevskyi Museum, gaze with admiration at the Sapiehas’ Palace built in the style of French Classicism, and find about the horrible history of the defensive Citadel.

Excursion “Villas of Lviv” 

Josef Franz’ Villa

One of the most beautiful Neo-Baroque villas at Melnyka Street. It was designed and erected by an architect Jan Peros in 1893 for Franz Josef’s widow (Jozefa Franz, the heiress of the plaster factory). A long time ago, this luxurious villa lost almost all its glory after nationalization. Now, the Regional Exercise Therapy Clinic is located there.

The Bielskis’ Palace

An early 20th-century building was erected in the eclectic style, having both Art Nouveau and Neoclassicism features. In 1921-1923, the palace was reconstructed by an architect Bahenskyi for the Bielski magnate family. Later in 1939-41, the magnates shared the house with the Union of Soviet Writers.

The Sapiehas’ Palace

In 1867, when this Neo-Baroque palace was built at the expense of Leon (Adam) Ludwik Sapieha, a part of Kopernika Street was considered a suburban area of the city. People used to call it ‘magic box’; perhaps, it was because the owner paid the same amount of money for the villa as he paid for the luxurious Potocki Palace. A large area was adjacent to the villa; however, a part of the area was lost. During the Ukrainian-Polish Confrontation, Ukrainians stationed there. Today, the Society for the Preservation of Historic and Cultural Monuments is located there.

Palac Sapegu

The Citadel

The Citadel was built as an echo of the Spring of Nations and served not only to protect against the external enemy but also to intimidate rebellious city dwellers. The Citadel was erected during the ‘golden age’ of smooth-bore artillery, so when rifled guns appeared, the defense capability of buildings declined dramatically. During the Ukrainian-Polish Confrontation, it was the place where the most significant battles for the city occurred, which is confirmed by the shot through walls of one of the towers. During the reign of Poland, there was a skating rink there. The Nazis initially wanted to build a stadium there, but in the end, they established a jail and Tsutadell concentration camp or Stalag-328. Currently, there is a hotel, a bank, and Stefanyk Library Storage Facility; one tower remained almost restored as a historic monument.

The Citadel

Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Museum

A memorial estate of the outstanding person, the first President of Ukraine (UNR, The Ukrainian People’s Republic), the historian, the Professor at the University of Lviv, the author of the 10 volume landmark paper ‘The History of Ukraine-Rus’. The building was established as a Museum in 1989 and since 2000, it has fully functioned and represents the Lviv period of life of Mykhailo Hrushevsky.

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Ivan Franko’s Villa

At the beginning of the century, the writer finally found a shelter in his house, mainly due to his wife. During the time when the writer lived in the house, the interior was not reach: simple furniture and finishes in all five rooms (without kitchen) and stove heating. Franco lived there until 1905, one year before his death.

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