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Price for group UAH6500

You will visit Tustan Nature Reserve, Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park, Kamianka Waterfall, Zhuravlyne Lake Bog, and Zhyva Voda (Living Water) Spring.


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In just one day, you will get so many impressions and memories that will be enough for the whole year! Tustan Nature Reserve that is well-known both all over Ukraine and abroad, amazingly beautiful Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park, gorgeous Kamianka Waterfall, exciting Zhuravlyne Lake Bog, and healing Living Water Spring. Our tour combines both a bus ride and guided walks. You won’t regret spending this day with us, enjoying our friendly atmosphere.


For a group of up to 7-8 people individual service one-day tour from Lviv :

  • in Ukrainian - UAH 4500/group
  • in Russian - UAH 5000/group
  • in English, Polish, German and other languages - UAH 6500/group
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Tustan Fortress and Kamianka Waterfall’ Trip

Tustan Fortress


Tustan Nature Reserve consists of: Kamin Rocks complex (Hostryi Kamin, Mala Skelia, and Zholob) and rocks that are geographically adjacent to the Voronovyi Ridge; area that is adjacent to the aforesaid rocks with cultural layers from the ancient times to the Middle Ages; a defense system (multirow ditches and ramparts) of the Tustan Rocks complex; a hydraulic facility (dam) in the Stavy Natural Landmark; areas where natural landmarks are located. Tustan is a unique historic monument and a piece of architecture of the ІХ-ХІІІ centuries that unrivaled throughout Europe. It is a place where you can turn back history and become a part of Ukrainian Medieval culture.

Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park

It’s another special nature reserve in Western Ukraine and a mountain range where the highest mountain peak called Magura (1,362.7 m) is located. Skolivski Beskydy Park is just a part of the magnificent nature reserve, although it has its peculiarities which are worth seeing and feeling, for example, Hurkalo Waterfall and Kamianka Waterfall. Another popular tourist destination is Skhidnytsia mineral water spring. And finally, there is a priceless coniferous forest that will make you feel absolutely calm and relaxed.

Kamianka Waterfall


It is a natural waterfall located on the river Kamianka in Skolivskyi District, Lviv Oblast. There is something that gives a special flavor to this hydrological landmark — a massive boulder that divides water flows, smashing them against the stony valley. There are two more unique natural landmarks: a medieval Naftusia-type mineral water spring and Mertve Lake.

Zhuravlyne Lake

It is more commonly known as Mertve (‘Dead’) Lake because no living creatures live here. The hydrogen-sulphide lake located in the middle of the forest glade is a half kilometer long. There is incredible flora in the area around the lake, where sometimes you can find unique species, including swamp cranberry. An island formed by interweaving roots and located in the middle of the lake makes the whole appearance look mysterious and even mystical. That’s why you will never forget this place!

Living Water Spring

A phrase ‘living water’ brings us back to cartoons from our childhood. In these cartoons, goodies always managed to keep safe from misfortune using healing water from a special spring. As part of our trip, we will also try to improve our health at the medieval Naftusia-type mineral water spring. The healing effects of hydrogen sulfide will help you regain your health and fitness, like in a fairy tale.

The tour price includes:

—Drive on bus;

—Accompanying by the tour guide;
The tour price does not include:
lunch and admission tickets;
Kamianka Waterfall — 6 UAH;
Tustan Fortress- 50 UAH adults, 25 UAH children, students.


*Payment of the tour is paid in the equivalent of UAH at the rate of the tour operator*

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