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You will see around 50 sights and attractions of Lviv including monuments, memorials, and churches such as the Taras Shevchenko Monument, the Adam Mitskevich Monument and others. You will visit themed cafés and restaurants.

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The ancient center of the city and its soul is Rynok Square and City Hall, a bit aside from them the central church of Romanists rises that is Latin Cathedral Church framed with chapels of Kampianus and Boimus. A cozy Armenian church is hidden in Armenian district, not far from it there is a Greek Catholic Assumption cathedral and a souvenir market, called “Vernissage”. We will gaze the monument to Shevchenko and Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiia Krushelnytska along Svobody avenue. It is worth visiting the city Arsenal, theme café “The House of Legends”,” Lviv Chocolate Workshop”, “Under Golden Rose” when walking through the Jewish district. You won't fail to see Bernardine and Dominican Cathedrals.

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“Ancient Streets of Lviv” Tour

Duration of excursion is 2 hours, starting with Rynok Square.


The City Arsenal Museum

It's a unique fortification building, that at one time served as a weapon stock and as a prison for Ukrainian Cossacks and Gaydamaky. It's a stone rectangle building with the eight hedged tower, where there is a museum of weapon these days. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the modern building is a reconstructed one, so as the first Arsenal, built in 1430, was ruined by the Swedes in 1704.

Latin Cathedral

The Latin Cathedral is another mystery. It is a shrine whose architecture could be used as a study guide for both students and scientists. It was built in the Gothic style. For several years, the building had been reconstructed, restored and decorated with new stylistic elements. It combines the features of the Baroque, the Renaissance, and the Secession style. And what about you? What can you see here?

Armenian Cathedral

Look at the ground. These slabs are Armenians’ burial places. People say that the human soul leaves the earth only after its name disappears from a headstone. Anyone who walks over these gravestones at the entrance to the Armenian Cathedral brings dozens of Armenians closer to heaven. It is a unique piece of architectural of the XIV-XV centuries. It's a small piece of the East in the middle of Europe. One of the most exciting peculiarities of the Cathedral is the wooden chapel referred to as Golgotha (don’t worry, our guide will tell you about it).

Transfiguration Church

Transfiguration church has been built in the central part of Lviv on the territory of the monastery of priests Trinitarians, that numerously suffered from fires and enemies bombardment. Its building lasted twenty years (1878 – 1898). Eight more years there were the decoration works. The church is notable because it was the first one to be returned to the Greek Catholic Church in 1989.

Dominican Cathedral

This Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it’s a unique piece of architecture in the very heart of Lviv’s historic ensemble. The Dominican Cathedral, the Church of the Holy Eucharist, the Church of the Body of Christ, and the Dominican Monastery are included in one glorious building. Moreover, the Dominican Cathedral is a piece of architecture of national importance.

Vernissage Souvenir Market

You can see the whole creative capacity of Lviv’s craftsmen and craftswomen at this market. It is quite likely that here you will find craft techniques and handmade pieces you may have never heard of. Unusual souvenirs, memorable items, and high-quality ‘vyshyvankas’ (traditional shirts) — you can buy all this at Lviv’s Vernissage.

Restaurants of Lokal network

We can hardly speak about Lviv without mentioning a creative team of Lokal restaurant network. Every place where legends are told, and amazing unusual foods are prepared is created by Lokal restaurant network. Kryivka pub known all over Ukraine, Masons, Ukraine’s most expensive restaurant, breathtaking Handmade Chocolate Works, shocking Masoch Café, unusual Hasova Lyampa Restaurant, atmospheric House of Legends Restaurant, and extraordinary At the Golden Rose Restaurant are worth hearing and seeing.


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