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After the tours that have inspired us, let’s come back down to earth and even lower — under the ground. We will not walk through all the underground paths that are 100 kilometers long, but we will see numerous interesting things.


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Excursions are wholly unique: traditional, original, humorous. We offer you an unusual journey. What conceals the city under its foundations? Treasures of the Jesuit Fathers Church, basements with medicinal wines of the pharmacy museum, legendary thematic catering facilities “Kavka” and “Kryivka”, as well as the Prince's prison of the Dominican monastery — all this you will see in our tour “Underground of Lviv”.

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Excursion “Underground of Lviv”

Length of the tour 2 hours, excursion begins from the city center: Rynok Square


After the excursions that have spawned us, we will descend from the heaven to earth, even lower, under the ground. Of course, we will not cover all 100 kilometers of underground passages that scientists have investigated, but we will see many interesting things.

Dominican Monastery Dungeon

Have you ever seen a real monk's cell? And what about a real gallop? If you have not, let's head for the underground of the Dominican Monastery. There is an authentic hall with a gallows and an unusual cell where the spirit of a monk-hermit whose story amazes and surprises lives. It is interesting, but these very underground passages are considered to be the remains of the princely palace where Prince Lev lived and reigned from 1270.

Jesuit Church Dungeon

One of Lviv’s most mysterious and mystical dungeons. There is a special exhibit here — a real 18th century carved sarcophagus. It belongs to Archbishop Mykola Vyzhytsky. However, there was no historical evidence for the fact that he was buried in it. Besides, the Archbishop was not found in the sarcophagus. Is it mystique?


One of Ukraine’s most atmospheric pharmacies can be found in Lviv. You can not only buy medicines here but also learn about the history of pharmacy, see old books with old recipes and a collection of medical tools, devices, and utensils that were used four centuries ago. Actually, only in Lviv and only at the Pharmacy Museum, you will have a unique opportunity to visit a medieval alchemist’s laboratory.

Kopalnya Kavy (Coffee Mine)


From now on, coffee is extracted from the mine. Lvivians were those who invented this idea. Their coffee is special. It differs from coffee that people around the world got used to. Moreover, every visitor can go down to the mine and see the very process of digging and extracting coffee. Once coffee beans are extracted, they go through roasting and brewing processes. You can try authentic Lviv’s coffee in a café located right above Kopalnya Kavy.


    The excursion price includes:

  • — Accompanying by the tour guide;

    The tour price does not include:

  • — Admission tickets:
  • Pharmacy Museum: adults — UAH 30; discounted pass — UAH 20; children — UAH 10;
  • Dominican Monastery Dungeon: UAH 20; student — UAH 15; children — UAH10;
  • Jesuit Church Dungeon: UAH 15; children — UAH 5.

*Payment of the tour is paid in the equivalent in UAH at the rate of the tour operator*

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