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Романтичне місто Львів чекає на Вас! Італійський дворик, костел Бернардинів зі затишними внутрішніми двориками, скульптури грецьких богів на Площі Ринок, лавка і балкон закоханих, пам’ятник Ромео і Джульєтті.

Щоденно (по замовленню)


Місто, яке пахне кавою, квітами та шоколадом, просто не може не бути одним із найромантичніших в Україні. Колоритне Мазох-кафе, чарівний Костел Бернардинів, вражаючі Грецькі боги, мрійливий Італійський дворик, а також сучасний пам’ятник Ромео і Джульєтті і Лавка закоханих – усе це ви побачите під час нашої екскурсії. Подаруйте своїй коханій чи коханому романтичну мандрівку Львовом.

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Excursion "Romantic Lviv"

Екскурсія проводиться щоденно

екскурсія для закоханих Романтичний Львів романтика Львів

Masoch Café

It’s an extraordinary place offering a peculiar vision of feelings and passion. The café was named after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a famous writer who was originally from Lviv. You can not just eat well and try hot drinks here but also discover your wild side looking at your passion and feelings from a different angle. Are you intrigued? Lviv will reveal you all its secrets.

The Bernardine Catholic Church

The building architecture captivates you at first sight just like the legends that shroud in the Church walls. take a better look at the old clock on the building wall. Did you notice that it is 5 minutes ahead? If you didn’t, then you are a person in love who doesn’t pay attention to time passing by quickly. However, from the history, this fact is not associated with love. The clock is said to be set forward by a monk to protect the city against the invasion of the Turk.

Greek Gods

The fountains at Rynok Square are the favorite meeting place of both Lvivians who are in love and tourists. This is because the sculptures of Greek gods take care of these fountains. And you know, gods are all-powerful. They can even stir up your feelings, if you really want it. Take a look at the Greek fountains and don't forget to make a wish and be sure it will come true. At least, Lviv legends have it.


Italian Courtyard

Can you hear the sound of wind whispering? Actually, it’s the King of Poland Jan Sobieski confesses his feelings for a French beauty Maria Kazmira. Their feelings were hidden and yet very strong. You can ask the guide during the tour why is love of the Polish man and the French lady hiding in the 16th century Italian Courtyard. The answer will surprise you.

Lovers Bench

Ten gifted and hard working blacksmiths from the Iron Lion Society worked on this bench. It is special, because it was forged by the warmth of human hands and with thoughts about the closest people in the world. The craftsmen forged it for lovers who would be able to relax on the bench and whisper the best words to hear to each other right in the city center. Hold each other's hand when sitting down on the bench and the iron lions will protect your hearts for ever.

Lovers Balcony

People say that if you propose under this ancient Lviv balcony, be sure to hear ‘Yes’. This place is filled with love energy. Remember the address: Rynok Square, 31. Long ago, the King of Poland fell in love here. Now it’s your turn to warm someone's heart. Why don’t you do it in Lviv, one of the most romantic Ukrainian cities?


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