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Walking excursion around Lviv is a unique opportunity to get to know the charismatic and historically rich capital of Halychyna closer. You will see over 150 unbelievable buildings and theme fortifications of the city.

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The ancient centre of the city and its soul is Rynok Square and City Hall, a bit aside from them the central church of Romanists rises that is Latin Cathedral Church framed with chapels of Kampianus and Boimus. A cozy Armenian church is hidden in Armenian district, not far from it there is a Greek Catholic Assumption cathedral and a souvenir market, called "Vernissage". We will gaze the monument to Shevchenko and Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiia Krushelnytska along Svobody avenue. It is worth visiting the city Arsenal, theme cafe "The House of Legends", " Lviv Chocolate Workshop", "Under Golden Rose" when walking through the Jewish district. You won't fail to see Bernardine and Dominican Cathedrals.

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Excursion "Early streets of Lviv"

Duration of excursion is 2 hours, 15 minutes, starting with Rynok Square.


The City Arsenal Museum


It's a unique fortification building, that at one time served as a weapon stock and as a prison for Ukrainian Cossacks and Gaydamaky. It's a stone rectangle building with the eight hedged tower, where there is a museum of weapon these days. It is worth mentioning that modern building is a reconstructed one, so as the first Arsenal, built in 1430, was ruined by the Swedes in 1704.

Cathedralof the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

That is the cathedral that is a complete record holder of Ukraine in the quantity of stylistic approaches in interior and exterior. It was built more than two hundred years ago and they managed to combine in one temple the mythical Gothic, original styles of rococo and baroque, to add empire sculptures and non-gothic mouchettes and to decorate everything with modern in stained-glass windows. It is noticeable that at one time the Vicar of Christ John-Paul, the second, the holly of the Catholic Church, canonized in 2014, celebrated a mass in this main church of Greek Catholics in Lviv.

Armenian Cathedral church


That is a sophisticated and mythical church that hides in its walls a magnificent legend. They say that soles of Armenians wait before the doors to the Paradise till the last memory about them is on the Earth. At the entrance to the church, there are tombstones, decorated with mosaics, on which hundreds of people step every day. Gradually the names on tombstones are rubbed out, that brings their bearers closer to Paradise. The cathedral is incredible not only because of its legends but also with its real relieves and implementations. Looking closer at the building, you can also see the pictures of the world famous artist Rosen and a great dome of Maggofer.

Transfiguration Church


Transfiguration church has been built in the central part of Lviv on the territory of the monastery of priests Trinitarians, that numerously suffered from fires and enemies bombardment. Its building lasted twenty years (1878 - 1898). Eight more years there were the decoration works. The church is notable because of the fact that it was the first one to be returned to the Greek Catholic church in 1989.

Dominican Cathedral


That is the majestic church that has been constructed on the territory of a chapel of the wife of prince Lev Danylovych. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Lviv that bears the name The Church of Holly Eucharist. In the church you can see the works of art by Pinsel and Poleiovskyi. 18 unique wooden, gold-plated figures that personify the Blessed and the Martyrs attract one's attention. Unique alabaster tombstones that date back to the 16th century and the inscription on the fronton "SOLI DEO HONOR ET GLORIA" that means "To the Only God Honour and Laud" have been preserved from the ancient Church till these days. The Cathedral is under UNESCO custody.

Souvenir Market "Vernissage"

That is the market of picturesque, exclusive and sometimes funny souvenirs. It is situated in the centre of Lviv, just next to the theatre named after M. Zankovetska. Visiting the trading stalls you will have the opportunity to purchase bright and unique presents for your relatives and friends, to increase your collection of extravagant souvenirs and also choose the most exquisite embroidered shirt, table cloth or icon that have been hand made. Moreover, on the market you may gaze or buy incredible pictures and original works of art made by local craftsmen and mistresses. You will not find such an interesting choice of goods anywhere else.

Chain of restaurants Lokal


Chain of restaurants Lokal is an extremely creative and extraordinary project of local creative individuals. Each year the number of these restaurants grows and their uniqueness continues to strike and impress. The restaurants embody the mood, charisma and history of Lviv and its outskirts in its theme cafes and restaurants, professionally combining it with humour and delicious cuisine. It is impossible to be in Lviv and not to visit Kryivka, the restaurant of masons or Jewish knaipa "Under the Golden Rose". And it is only the tiny part of all the diverse assortment of theme offers.

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