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Royal Brewery, Home of Legends, Kumpel, Pravda, Drunk Cherry, and Stargorod are the pubs and restaurants that both food and drink lovers and history lovers must visit.


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Probably, there isn’t a person who has never tried ‘hoppy’ beer. People say that the best beers are brewed in Germany. We don't know what kind of hop is used in Europe, but Lviv beer is not only delicious, heady and elegant, but also spectacular. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of legends at House of Legends where every room looks different and unique. Feel dizzy in Drunk Cherry and Kumpel. Get into the incredible world of fun in Stargorod, visit Royal Brewery and be sure to check out Pravda Beer Theatre.

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‘Tipsy Lviv’ Tour

Length of excursion 2 hours, begins at Rynok Square

Екскурсія Хмільний Львів екскурсія по пивоварням Львова дегустація пива Львів

Pravda Beer Theatre

Beer is brewed in the every heart of Lviv. You should visit Pravda Beer Theatre consisting of three spacious halls on three floors and a large basement that is a place where you can watch the brewing process. This young brewery has already won medals at the European Championships.

Drunk Cherry

You can easily pop down to a cozy Drunk Cherry Bar located at Rynok Square and enjoy staring at hustle and bustle of the noisy square with a glass of delicious liqueur. Believe me, you will feel quite different after visiting the bar. Feeling good and relaxed will help you get deeper into the city spirit.

House of Legends

House of Legends is one of restaurants of Lokal network. It occupies its rightful place in the mythology of today’s city. Every sightseeing tour around the city center includes visiting this cafe. There are a lot of interesting details that attract visitors and make up the full range of tourists’ impressions.


Kumpel is a modern restaurant and the first city brewery that started manufacturing fresh craft beer attracting passionate fans. Lychakiv District where the restaurant is situated is famous for batyars and lumpens-wandering students whose disorderly conduct put law-abiding city dwellers in fear; nevertheless, they became the the symbol of the renewed tradition embodied in Kumpel.

Royal Brewery

In the cozy courtyard located in the city center, five different types of beer are brewed for sophisticated visitors of Royal Brewery Restaurant. Customers can enjoy watching the brewing process.

Stargorod Brewery Restaurant

If you have always dreamed of going all out with no restrictions, then Stargorod is waiting for you. You can eat and drink well here and watch all the steps of ‘live’ beer brewing. Besides, you can get a free flyer and enjoy live music dancing on the table all night through. Delicious European kitchen, national songs and original Lviv liqueurs are a perfect combination, aren’t they?


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