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You can enjoy the hidden beauty of Lviv streets that cannot be found in any travel itinerary. Bus tour around Lviv by a convenient and comfortable Wonder Bus is a fascinating journey around the city where our guide will tell you interesting stories.


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Sightseeing tour through the streets of Lviv by Wonder Bus!

The bus tour departs every day from the city center (Rynok Square)


Length of the route 20 km


Audio language - Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, English

Comfortable trip to the Lviv

The unusual sightseeing tour around Lviv begins at Svobody Avenue, one of city’s most beautiful streets. This is the place where visitors can see glorious pieces of architecture that make the avenue unique and alluring.

From the very first minute of the tour by Wonder Bus through the streets of Lviv, travelers will enjoy amazing views of the city. Traveling through both the modern city center and the historic one, visitors will be able to see the main historic and cultural landmarks remained intact until the present day.

The initial sightseeing Wonder Bus route around Lviv passes through Torhova St., Pidvalna St., Vynnychenka St., Kryvonosa St., Lysenka St., and M. Zankovetskoyi St. Every building located here is worth special attention of those who are curious to learn how the unique and harmonious atmosphere of Lviv is created.

Lychakiv Cemetery


This elite ‘necropolis’ protects peaceful rest of hundreds of famous people buried here: cultural figures, managers, and heroes. There are graves of famous and not very famous men and women who made their invaluable contribution to the development of Ukraine and Lviv. The first burial place at the Lychakiv Cemetery dates back to 1786. Recent burial places are occupied by graves of Ukrainian fighters in the ATO area.

Walking tour around Lviv incudes several stops at the most exciting sights such as Lychakiv Cemetery. This necropolis is the burial place of Lviv’s most outstanding people, public and cultural figures. This is why the cemetery has unusual sculptures, creatively decorated vaults, and millions of cut flowers.

St. George's Archcathedral

It stands high on St. George's Hill attracting by its golden domes and incredible beauty of its architecture. The St. George's Archcathedral is one of the city’s most beautiful architectural complexes. Nowadays, it still remains the main facility of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Lviv and is an outstanding piece of architecture that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

It is Lviv’s highest shrine and one of the most majestic holy places. It is a Roman Catholic Church erected in the Neo-Gothic style that can be seen from anywhere around the city. The Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth is popularly called ‘Elzbieta’. This is due to the fact that the Church is named after Elisabeth of Bavaria, the wife of Austria-Hungary's Emperor Franz Joseph (Josef). You should see the majestic architecture and mysterious stained glass windows in the interior.


Stepan Bandera Monument


The monument to the national hero Stepan Bandera occupies a large area in Lviv. There is a 30 meter Triumphal Arch behind it. The hero’s monument has been protecting all the milestones of Ukrainian statehood including the princely era, the Cossacks time, the period of both the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, and finally, the present day. No one threatens Ukrainian integrity. No one will encroach on Lviv, because it is protected by the seven meter Stepan Bandera Monument.

Rynok (Market) Square

One of the most charming and atmospheric spots. It’s the best place where you can really breathe in and hear the city. Rynok Square is notable for its very special architecture. It has so many unique monuments that it’s hard to count. It seems that every stone of the block paving preserves its own unique story. You can smell the scent of coffee everywhere. You can hear music playing. It’s the sound of violin, guitar, and tambourine. Listen carefully to Lviv and you will fall in love with it that will last forever.


Besides, when travelling through the streets of Lviv by Wonder Bus, you will have a chance to see the glory of the city protective embankments, the legendary Powder Tower, the City Arsenal, and other buildings and structures that make this ancient and very beautiful city known for all over the world.

Tour around Lviv by Wonder Bus is a chance for you to see all most important cultural landmarks and feel the atmosphere created by the walls of the ancient streets.

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