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Ten excursions around Lviv in one tour and two excursions out of the city: for those, who want to get to know almost everything about Lviv and also to visit the Carpathians and the castles of Lviv region.

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A week in Lviv – is a special kind of rest. For this short period of time you will be able to feel yourself a real Lviv dweller. You will find out everything about Lviv, because you will go on 10 theme excursions around town and only one of them will be by bus. And also during this week we will leave the city of a Lion twice for trips around Lviv region. We will visit mysterious corners of the Carpathians, have a ride on historical mountain transport and also we will travel to great castles of Western Ukraine. Coffee and chocolate, mysterious underground ways and luxurious villas, narrow streets and romantic knaipas, with us you will breathe Lviv to the maximum.

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A Tour To Lviv For A Week. Lviv, Castles of Lviv region, the Carpathians.

    Day 1 (Monday)

  • 10:00-13:00 Excursion "Lviv Villas".
  • 13:00-16:00 Excursion "Jewish Lviv"
  • Hotel check in

    Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00-13:00 Excursion "Romantic Lviv".
  • 13:00-15:00 Excursion "Museums of Lviv"

    Day 3 (Wednesday)

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00-18:00 "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region. (Starting from Rynok square, 24)

    Day 4 (Thursday)

  • 7:00 Breakfast
  • 8:00-21:00 Excursion " Carpathian tram and Rocks of Dovbush" (Starting from Dvirtseva Square, 1)

    !!! From October to April the excursion "Carpathian Tram" replaced by excursion "Tustan and Kamianka waterfall". "Tustan and Kamianka waterfall"

    Day 5 (Friday)

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00-13:00 Excursion " Lviv, the city of coffee and chocolate".
  • 13:00-15:00 Excursion "Drunken Lviv"

    Day 6 (Saturday)

  • 8:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00-11:30 Bus Excursion around Lviv (Austrian Lviv, St. Yurii Church, Vysokyi Castle, Lychakivske cemetery, architecture ensemble Rynok square.)
    • 13:00-15:30 Excursion "Underground ways of Lviv"

      Day 7 (Sunday)

    • 8:00 Breakfast
    • Hotel check out
    • 10:00-12:00 Excursion "Elite Lviv".
    • 12:00-15:00 Excursions "Around the streets of ancient city”.
  • Excursion: Lviv Villas

    Lviv Villas Joseph Frants Villa The Sapeha Palace

    Joseph Frants Villa

    It is one of the most beautiful neo-baroque villas in Melnyka street. It was designed and built in 1893 by an architect Yan Peros for the widow of Joseph Frants ( the inheritor of the gypsum factory named after Yuzepha). There was the time when this luxurious villa lost almost all its loftiness after nationalization. Nowadays the regional medical exercises dispensary is situated in this villa.

    The Belski Palace

    It is a building of the beginning of the 20th century, built in a combined style between academic modern and neoclassicism. In 1921-1923 the building was reconstructed by an architect Bahenskyi for the Belski family of magnates. Within some time, in 1939-41, the magnets started to share the house with the community of writers of URSR.

    The Sapeha Palace

    In 1867, when this neo-baroque palace was being built for the money of Leon (Adam) Liudvih Sapeha, a part of Sapernyka street was considered to be the suburbs of Lviv. People called it a magic chest, maybe because of the fact that it cost its owner a fortune, almost the same as luxurious Pototskyi Palace. A considerable territory, a part of which had been lost, was a part of the villa. In the time of Polish-Ukrainian opposition, it was a headquarters of Ukrainians. These days it is a Regional Community of Preservation of Historical and Cultural Memorials.

    Citadel Lviv Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi The Belski Palace


    Citadel was built as an echo of Vesna Narodiv and served like not the fortification from external enemies, but it was more for frightening the oppressive city dwellers. It was built in the period of smoothbore artillery arms, that is why when rifled-bore weapons appeared the fortification ability of buildings decreased rapidly. In the time of Polish and Ukrainian opposition the main fights for the city took place there. The bombed walls of one of the towers remind about it. During the reign of Poland there was a skating rink. The Nazis first wanted to build a stadium on this place, but then they created a concentration camp Stalag-328 "Tsutadell" and a prison there. Now there is a hotel, a bank, custodia building of library named after Stefanyk and one of the towers remains slightly reconstructed like a historical memorial.

    Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi

    It is an estate museum of an outstanding person, the first president of Ukraine (UNR), a historian, a professor of Lviv university, author of ten volume fundamental work "History of Ukraine-Rus", that was founded as a museum in 1989 and since 2000 it has been functioning and lighting Lviv period of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi's life.

    Villa of Ivan Franko

    To a great extent thanks to his wife, at the beginning of the century, the author firstly found a shelter in his own house. The interior of the author's dwelling in the period of his living there was not rich: simple furniture and decorations in five rooms (apart from kitchen), there was a stove heating in it. Franko lived there till 1905, a year before he died.

    Excursion: Jewish Lviv

    Royal Arsenal Synagogue Tsori Giliod cafe Golden Rose

    Royal Arsenal

    Together with the City Arsenal, it is joined to the whole fortification wall. It served for weapons storage. There was a functioning forge in its cellars. The Arsenal was mostly built for the money of king Vladyslav Vaza.

    Jewish block

    There were two Jewish blocks in Lviv, generally, they can be called a rich one and a poor one, and their inhabitants disliked each other (no matter how paradoxical it may sound). Nowadays the excavations are still being held on the place of main city synagogue" Golden Rose" that is connected with many interesting stories. There were mikvahs (ritual saunas), header, houses of doyens.

    "Golden Rose" Synagogue

    Synagogue was built in 1582-1595. But it had been accompanied with interesting stories long before it was built. The Catholics won the law that prohibited building of synagogue that would be higher than any city building, that is why Jewish community decided to get cunning. The synagogue was built buried into the ground. But after its construction expensive Lviv land made the fathers Jesuits feel uneasy and they took it from them and then they lost it again. In 1943 the Synagogue was exploded by the Nazis.

    Synagogues Square

    There were three synagogues behind the City Arsenal at one time. The first, the oldest one, was built in the 14th century; the second was built on its place, Beit Midash (The House of Learning), Big City Synagogue; the third one - "Tur Zahav" ("Golden Rose"). And all together there were more than 100 synagogues in Lviv.

    Synagogue "Tsori Giliod"

    It is one of not numerous synagogues, situated in the railway station area of Lviv between the Brativ Mikhnovskyh and Hotynska streets, where the wall painting by Maksymilian Kugel has been preserved. It was built in 1923 on the territory of Jewish prayer house. In 1944 there was a stock there. Nowadays the building is the possession of the community "Beis Aaron ve Israel".

    Excursion " Romantic Lviv"

    Ромео і Джульєта Львів Lviv History Museum Lviv foto

    Mazoh cafe

    It is an unusual place with special vision of feelings and passion. The cafe is named after a famous writer, Leopold von Zaher-Mazoh, who was born in Lviv. Inside its walls you can not only have a delicious meal and drink some hot drinks but also, you can look at your passion from the other, primeval side. Are you intrigued? Lviv will open all its secrets for you.

    Bernardine Kostel

    The architecture of this building amazes you from the first glance. So do the legends, the walls of the museum are covered with. Peer into the ancient watch on the building. Have you noticed that it is five minutes fast? If you haven't, it means that you are a person in love, who does not pay attention to the quick flow of time. But if you judge from the historical point of view the matter with the watch is not connected with love. The hands of the watch were moved by the monk in order to save the city from Turkish invasion.

    Greek Gods

    The fountains in Rynok square is a favourite meeting place for Lviv dwellers and city visitors who are in love. It is so because the fountains are guarded by great sculptures of Greek Gods. And do not forget to make a wish, it will definitely come true. At least, Lviv legends say so.

    Mazoh cafe A Bench for Those Who Are in Love Balcony of those who are in love

    Italian Yard

    Do you hear the whisper of the wind? In fact, it is a Polish king Yan Sobezkyi, telling about his feelings to a French beauty Mariia Kazmira. Their feelings were secret, but they were not less strong because of it. Why did the love of a Polish man and a French woman find a shelter in Italian yard, created in the XVI century? Ask during our excursion. You will be surprised with the answer.

    A Bench for Those Who Are in Love

    Ten talented and hardworking farriers from "Community of Iron Lion" worked on creation of this bench. It is special because it is hammered with the warmth of human hands thinking about the dearest people in the world. The craftsmen built it for people in love, who will be able to have a rest on the bench and whisper each other the most desired words straight in the city centre. When you take a seat on this bench, you should hold each other's hand and iron lions will always guard your hearts.

    Balcony of those who are in love

    They say if you ask somebody to marry you under this ancient Lviv balcony, the answer will definitely be happy. This place is overfilled with the energy of love. Have you remembered the address? Rynok square, 31.Once a Polish king fell in love there. Now it is your turn to warm somebody's heart. Why don't you do it in Lviv, the most romantic city in Ukraine?

    Excursion "Museums of Lviv"

    Italian Yard Italian Yard Museum of Art of Ancient Ukrainian Book

    Lviv History Museum

    Don't you like museum showpieces? And what about a magic ring with the help of which you can communicate with spirits? Or luxurious Lviv watches, that sometimes exceed all your expectations as for such mechanisms in the interior? Lviv history museum strikes each visitor. More than 300 samples are kept here. Among them you will definitely find something that will be to your taste.

    Lviv Museum of Religion History

    It is one more unusual museum. It is unusual because it is the only one that is devoted to such topic. You can hear about all religions of the world and activity of the most various church organizations in the walls of this museum. One more bright detail is that it is situated in the building of a Dominican monastery of the 14 - 18 centuries, where you can listen to impressive concerts of organ music. They are organized in a big exhibition hall, that used to be a monastery dining room.

    Museum of Art of Ancient Ukrainian Book

    We will tell you what incunabulum is. And we will show it. You will see the first printed books and Rus books of the 15 - 18th centuries. Nowadays the museum is a research centre and an individual department of Lviv art gallery. Old writings are kept and analyzed here, the history of Ukrainian publishing houses and book printing in our country is studied.

    foto Arsenal Lviv Lviv Museum Week tour to Lviv

    Lviv City Arsenal

    A very rich and diverse exposition waits for you in the walls of fortification building of Lviv, "Lviv City Arsenal". "Arsenal" is created in the style of Renaissance period. And its exposition keeps inside the weapons not only of that period. And not only the weapon of Ukrainian people. Here is fire weapon and cold one. Here are unusual weapons you even have not read in books. And also there is a number of ancient cutlery and military medal samples.

    Palacco Bandinelli Museum

    This museum is called a stone building, and its exposition is divided into external and internal. From the external side you may see a classical decoration style of the 17-18th century, the relief image of dolphins. The internal exposition is interior samples of the 17th century. Here are the carved ceiling beams on the doors, and white stone window colons, incrustrated with alabaster and many other interesting details, you will be told about during the excursion.

    Excursion Castles of Lviv Region

    Castles of Lviv Region Week tour Lviv Week tour to Lviv

    Oleskyi Castle

    The castle rises above Libertsiia river. They say, that the author of this fortress is one of the sons of halytsko-volynskyi kniaz Yurii Lvovych. It was first mentioned about the castle in the papers of 1327. After the years the fortress has been changed and rebuilt. The King of Poland Yan Sobezkyi, the third, was born here. And in the end of the 70es in the 20th century the museum-reserve, the department of Lviv art gallery was opened here. The unforgettable addition to splendour of fortification walls is a picturesque park.

    Zolochivskyi Castle

    It is one of the most harmonic castles of Ukraine. It combines great entrance tower, magic Chinese Palace, Big living Palace and the walls of the fortress themselves. The kings lived here, that is why the interior was royal. But after some time, the building was given to PAN as a house, then there was a prison and even an educational establishment. Nowadays Zolochiv castle is a working department of Lviv art gallery, museum-reserve with a rich exposition.

    Pidhoretskyi Castle

    It was a property of Zhevuski magnates. Except luxurious palace with bastions, here is a real "Italian park". Pidhoretskyi castle is the best in Renaissence castle in Europe. Its park is the only real park of such a type in Ukraine. One more interesting memorial, that can not be left without attention is the example of folk activity, the wooden church of St. Mykhail. It dates back to 1720.

    Excursion “The Carpathian Tram of the Rocks of Dovbush”

    The Carpathian Tram of the Rocks of Dovbush Excursion The Carpathian Tram of the Rocks of Dovbush Cave complex The Rocks of Dovbysh

    A Ride by the Carpathian Tram

    It may happen that you have already flown by planes, went by trains and roamed by bicycles. But you have not had a ride by narrow rail tram among the Carpathians. Carpathian tram is an active transport that takes woodmen to work twice a day. And other days tourists have a ride on it. The guests of the Carpathians look at historical mountain sceneries from the window of wonder tram with amazement.

    Cave complex “The Rocks of Dovbysh”

    You may get lost here. Or you may find the treasures. The cave complex “The caves of Dovbysh” is a labyrinth that is 1 kilometer long and 200 meters wide. The height of the labyrinth is 80 meters. It is situated among the trees of beech and smereka forest and sand rocks. The opryshkys headed by legendary leader Oleksa Dovbysh once hid here. Have a walk around the complex – stone embankments, rocky formations, mysterious gorges and deep holes, you will never forget such a journey.

    Excursion “Lviv, the city of coffee and chocolate”

    Lviv monument майстерня шоколаду dukat3

    Yurii Kulchytskyi monument

    He is called to be a coffee king. Some people say that it was Lviv dweller Kulchytskyi who opened the first coffee shop in Vienna. However, this information is rather a legend than truth. And the truth is different - in the tricks of Yurii Kulchytskyi, who for exchanged coffee grains for little money and taught Austria-Hungary to love this energy drink. Nowadays, Lviv smells of coffee. A monument to the coffee king attracts curious tourists.

    Lviv Chocolate Workshop


    You have not seen such quantity of chocolate anywhere. Here the chocolate flows in rivers and incredible candies figures are made of it. They may be animals, memorable souvenirs, and incredible candies with about fifty tasty additions. Chocolate with candied fruits, or marzipan candies - the assortment of Chocolate Workshops is impressive. Your head goes dizzy at it.. Taste Lviv chocolate - and you will never forget this aroma.

    копальня кави кафе в центрі Львова Golden Ducat Lviv

    Under the blue bottle

    Are you looking for a place where you can chat quietly and have a delicious meal? Then a cafe "Under the blue bottle" will suit you. A history of European coffee shops is hidden in this café. On the menu you will find interesting names and incredible historical expressions the tasty dishes and drinks are called. Immerse yourself in the times of Austria-Hungary - visit the knaipa "Under the blue bottle". By the way, you may taste an incredibly delicious fondue here.

    Golden Ducat

    It is a bit mysterious and a very romantic cafe, where you may taste the most aromatic coffee in Lviv. This place has a mirror ceiling and soft light, that is why the aroma from coffee seems to be especially deep. The range of coffee drinks in “Golden Ducat” is the widest one in the city of Lion. And the number of legends and mysterious stories that surround the walls of this coffee shop create a special atmosphere that can not be forgotten.

    Excursion " Drunken Lviv"

    starg4 starg7 starg6

    Beer Theatre "Pravda"

    In the very heart of Lviv beer is made. Visit the beer theatre "Pravda", that will welcome you with three spacious halls on three floors and the space for watching the process of beer making that is a usual cellar. The beer of this young pyvovarnia already receives the medals on European contests.

    "Drunken Cherry"

    It is very convenient to drop by to a cozy cafe "Drunken Cherry" in Rynok square and slowly watch the rush of the bustling square with a glass of tasty nalyvka. Believe us, you will leave this place in a completely different, pleasantly relaxed condition, that will help you perceive the atmosphere of Lviv much better.

    "The House of Legends"

    One of the Local restaurants network is "The House of Legends" that takes an appropriate place in the mythology of contemporary Lviv. Not a single excursion in the city centre is held without visiting this place. There is an endless number of interesting, attractive trifles for visitors in this building that forms the splendid impressions of a tourist.


    Kumpel is a modern restaurant that was the first one in Lviv to make fresh, original beer, finding its passionate fans this way. Lychakivskyi district, where the restaurant is situated has been famous for its batiary and liumpen-pyvorizy who frightened the obedient city dwellers with their naughty tricks, but became the symbol of reconstructed tradition in the image of "Kumpel".

    "Royal Brewery"

    In the cozy yard of the city five different kinds of beer are brewed for exquisite audience of the r restaurant "Royal brewery". The visitors have the possibility to see process of the drink brewery themselves.

    The Restaurant - Brewery "Starhorod"

    If you have dreamt to have a rest to the maximum and have no limits, then they wait for you in the restaurant "Starhorod". You can have a tasty meal and drink here. You can watch in details how living beer is brewed. And you can simply get a free flyer and dance on the table to live music all night long. Delicious European cuisine, Ukrainian song and original Lviv nalyvkas will be a perfect combination, won't they?

    Excursion around Lviv by bus

    During the excursion we will have ten stops to get acquainted with the interesting sights of the city: the church of Olga and Elizabeth, St. George's Cathedral, Rynok Square, High Castle, Lychakivske cemetery.

    The Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth


    This is the biggest sanctuary in Lviv. And it is also one of the greatest. Being built in Neo-Gothic style, this Roman Catholic Church can be noticed from many parts of the city. People call this church the Church of the Saints Olga and Elizabeth "Elzhbeta". It is because of the fact that it was named in honour because she is named in honor of Elizabeth of Bavaria - the wife of the Austrian-Hungarian emperor Frants Joseph I. The great architecture and mysterious stained-glass windows in the interior, they are worth seeing.

    The Monument to Stepan Bandera


    National hero Stepan Bandera occupies a large square in Lviv with a 30-meter triumphal arch. The monument to the hero protects all the milestones of the Ukrainian statehood, they are princely times, the Cossacks, the years of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, as well as modern times. No one endangers Ukrainian unity. No one will interfere with Lviv because it is guarded by the seven-meter monument to Stepan Bandera.

    St. George's Archdiocese


    It rises above the Holy Mountain and attracts people with its golden domes and the incredible beauty of architecture. St. George's Archdiocese is one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in the city of Lion. Nowadays, it remains not only the main temple of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Lviv, but it is also a landmark of the architecture protected by UNESCO.

    Rynok Square bast Lviv foto Fountains Lviv

    Rynok Square

    It is one of the most charming and most atmospheric places in Lviv. Only here you can breathe in and hear Lviv the way it has to be. Rynok Square is special because of its architecture. There are so many unique monuments that it is difficult to count all of them. It seems every pile of cobbles knows its special history. It smells of coffee and chocolate here from all corners. And music is playing. Violin, guitar, tambourine. Sit up and take notice of Lviv and you will love it forever.

    Lviv City Hall

    During all its existence, the Lviv City Hall has always been a meeting hall for local deputies. The fate of the city and its dwellers is made up inside its walls. But the tourists are more interested in the summit of the City Hall. You can see historic Lviv from this place. From above. You will see the roofs, compare the streets, and appreciate the architectural specifications. And just on the City Hall there is an old watch with a special mechanism. You may ask “What is special about it?” Let it remain an intrigue till the time of the excursion.


    Four fountains were built in Rynok square in 1793, there was one fountain on each corner of the square. Each fountain has an octagonal bowl and in the center of the bowl there is a statue of the character of ancient mythology: the god of the seas, Neptune, his wife Amphitrite, the goddess of hunting Diana and the hero Adonis.

    Black Stone House

    It is a historic architecturally rich building in black color. Maybe you will have your own idea why this wonderful house is black? Because scientists have already expressed so many versions that they can not come to one agreement. The building was built in 1577. Architecture is called Renaissance. Authorship is given to Petro Krasovskyi. Nowadays Lviv History Museum is situated in the mysterious black stone house.

    High Castle


    It is very nice and always calm here. It is so because of the fact that when you stand very high and look at the historic city of Lion from above, nothing can spoil the impressions of what you see. They say that once there was a splendid castle of the princes Lev and Danylo. And nowadays only a mound-ruin has been left from it. However, this ruin remains the favorite place for tourists, Lviv dwellers and visitors of the city.

    Lychakivskyi cemetery


    This is an elite necropolis, which protects the coziness of hundreds of burials of famous people. The historians, city officials and heroes - here are the graves of famous and not very famous men and women who made their invaluable contribution to the development of Ukraine and Lviv. The first burial in the Lychakivskyi cemetery dates back to 1786. Among the last graves there are the graves of fighters for Ukraine in the ATO zone.

    Excursion: Lviv Underground Ways

    After the excursions that have spawned us, we will descend from the heaven to earth, even lower, under the ground. Of course, we will not cover all 100 kilometers of underground passages that scientists have investigated, but we will see a lot of interesting things.

    Underground of Dominican Monastery

    Have you ever seen a real monk's cell? And what about a real gallop? If you have not, let`s head for the underground of the Dominican Monastery. There is an authentic hall with a gallows and an unusual cell where the spirit of a monk-hermit whose story amazes and surprises lives. It is interesting but these very underground passages are considered to be the remains of the princely palace where Prince Lev lived and reigned from 1270.

    The Jesuits' Fathers Church Underground

    It is one of the most mysterious and most mystical undergrounds of Lviv. There is a special exhibit here - a real carved 18th century sarcophagus. It belongs to Archbishop Mykola Vyzhytskyi. But there is no historical proof that he was buried there. There is no archbishop in sarcophagus. Is it a mysticism?


    One of the most colorful pharmacies in Ukraine is situated exactly in Lviv. Here you can not only buy some medicine, but also you can get acquainted with the history of the pharmacy, see ancient books with not younger receipts, and also look at the collection of medical devices and utensils which were used by people four centuries ago. Finally, only in Lviv and only at the Pharmacy Museum you will have a unique opportunity to visit the laboratory of the medieval alchemist.

    A Coffee Mine


    Nowadays coffee is mined in a mine. And it was invented by Lviv dwellers. Their coffee is special. Not like the one people all over the world got used to. Moreover, each visitor can see with himself the work of coffee miners, descending to the very mine. After extraction, grains are fried and cooked. You can taste the exuberant Lviv coffee in the cafe, which is located directly above the mine.


    We look for moskals, sing songs and drink beverages. It is never boring in Kryivka. And it is also never silent in it. Noise, loudness, shooting and gay songs, such things you can see only in Lviv. Don't forget to remember the national password that is the entry ticket to original knaipa (cafe). And it sounds like "Slava Ukraini - Heroiam Slava". Don't miss the drink you will be treated with at the entrance. And the continuation is your own will.

    Excursion "Elite Lviv"

    Opera House


    It is a magnificent building of one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world that is an ornament of the center of Lviv. The Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiia Krushelnytska looks imposing from outside and luxurious from inside. It was compared with the opera house in Paris and the Vienna opera. You will want to remember it. Columns, sculptures, balustrades, statues of muses and high reliefs this is the way the opera theater in Lviv looks outside. Lviv Opera House will surprise you with the interior, with its gold plating, colourful marble and decorative paintings. Make sure that we do not exaggerate.

    House of Scientists


    The first thing that attracts attention is the unique staircase structure of the lobby. It adds refinement and even aristocracy to the interior. Every detail of the room is worth your attention. Here you will feel like a noble lady or noble knight. For the walls tell about the nobles, graphs, aristocrats. Nowadays films are shot, wedding photos are taken and also genuine magnificent fandangos are organized in the House of Scientists.

    Палац Потоцьких

    Авторство цієї величної будівлі приписують французу - Луї д'Оверню. Він працював на замовлення намiсника королiвства Галичини і Лодомерiї графа Альфреда II Юзефа Потоцького і виконав його пречудово. Це один із найбільших палаців у Львові. Якщо ж врахувати, що розташований він у історичному центрі Львова, колорит видається ще ефектнішим. Велич посеред вузьких вуличок, всипаних архітектурними пам’ятками.


    Excursion "Through the Streets of ancient Lviv"

    You will see about 50 prominent and entertaining places of Lviv, monuments and churches. Among them there will be the monument to Taras Shevchenko, A. Mitskewych, the Latin Cathedral, the Armenian Cathedral, the Dominican Cathedral, the Royal and City Arsenals, visit the theme cafes and restaurants (Kryivka, House of Legends, under the Golden Rose, the Beer Theater “Pravda”...).


    Latin Cathedral

    Latin Cathedral is one more mystery. This is a sanctuary the architecture of which can become a textbook for students and scholars. Built in the Gothic style, for several years the monument was rebuilt and restored with the addition of other stylistic details. There are the traces of the baroque, secession and also Renaissance. What do you see inside these walls?

    Armenian Cathedral

    Look under your feet. These plates are the burial of the Armenians. It is said that the human soul then leaves the world when its name is erased on the tombstone. Everyone who steps on the slabs to the Armenian Cathedral brings dozens of Armenians closer to the sky. This is a unique monument of the 14th - 15th centuries. This is a piece of a special East in the middle of Europe. One of the most interesting details of the cathedral is the wooden chapel "Golgotha", the story of which we will definitely tell you.

    Dominican Church

    This cathedral is protected by UNESCO as a unique architectural monument in the heart of the historic Lviv ensemble. Dominican Cathedral, Church of the Blessed Eucharist, Church of God's Body and Dominican Monastery – it all is one majestic building. Also, the Dominican cathedral is a monument of national significance.

    Lviv Arsenal Вернісаж Львів Дім легенд1

    Royal Arsenal

    It is a fortification building, built on the funds of King Vladyslav IV Vaza. Once there was a weapon stock. Inside the walls of the royal arsenal, bells and weapons were cast. Nowadays there is State Archives. From outside the building looks really royal. It is not immediately possible to attribute it to a part of the fortification wall of the old Lviv. Finally, this is not the last riddle that Lviv will open in the framework of our excursion.

    City arsenal

    Once these walls protected Lviv from invaders and enemies. Nowadays they attract tourists and curious guests of the city. City arsenal is a fortification attraction. Moreover, in its heart there is one of the most interesting museums of Lviv, that is a museum of weapons of various nations and various historical epochs. Touch these majestic walls - and you will feel the true power of Lviv.

    Lokal Network Restaurants

    Without a creative team “Lokal” it is simply impossible to talk about Lviv. Every corner where legends tell and incredible colorful dishes are cooked is the creation of a network of catering establishments Lokal. The famous "The Kryivka", the most expensive "Masons", the most magnificent "Workshop of Chocolate", the scandalous "Masoch", the original "Gas lamp", the drive "Left Bank", the colorful "House of legends", the unusual restaurant "Under the Golden Rose" is known all over Ukraine - it's worth hearing and worth seeing.

    Souvenir Market "Vernisage"

    On this market you can see all the works of Lviv masters and craftsmen. It is possible that here you will encounter such techniques and such works of human hands that you have not even guessed about. Original souvenirs, memorabilia and very high quality embroidery - all of these can be purchased at the "Vernissages" in Lviv.


    Ціни на тур без проживання:

    12 екскурсій: 2 виїзні екскурсії + 1 автобусна + 9 пішохідних 1550 грн.


      У вартість туру ВХОДИТЬ:

    • - 2 виїзні екскурсії;
    • - 10 екскурсій Львовом;
    • - проживання в готелі (дво- і тримісне поселення);
    • - сніданок в готелі;
    • - супровід гіда-екскурсовода.

      Подарунок від туроператора

    • Кольорова туристична карта Львова, де зазначені найпопулярніші заклади, кафе та ресторани, які Ви зможете відвідати у вільний час.

      The tour price does not include:

    • - lunch and dinner;
    • - personal expenses and travel by public transport;
    • - insurance (optional);
    • - entrance tickets:
    • Synagogue on Beit Aaron vEisrael - 20 hryvnia per person.
    • Museum of Galician Jewry - 20 hryvnia per person.
    • Lviv Historical Museum (Italian courtyard) - 5 UAH.
    • Lviv Museum of the History of Religion - 10 UAH.
    • Museum of ancient Ukrainian art - 5 UAH.
    • Lviv City Arsenal - 8 UAH.
    • Museum of Palazzo Bandinelli - 10 hryvnas.
    • Oleskyi castle (adults 45 UAH, students 10 UAH, children 5 UAH);
    • Pidhirtsi castle (adults and students 30 UAH, students 10 UAH);
    • Zolochiv castle (adults 45 UAH, students 10 UAH, students 5 UAH).
    • A narrow-gauge carriage by the Carpathian tram - UAH 100;
    • "Dovbush Cliffs" Reserve - 10 UAH.
    • House of scientists - 30 UAH, children 7-14 years - 20 UAH.
    • Pototskyi Palace - 24 UAH.
    • Lychakivske cemetery - 25 UAH., Preferential - 15 UAH., Children's - 5 UAH., Photo and video shooting - 10 UAH.
    • Museum-pharmacy - 15 UAH.
    • Underground of the Dominican Monastery - 15 UAH.
    • Underground of the Church of the Jesuits' Fathers - 15 UAH.

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