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Mysterious underground of the Jesuit Church and the Dominican Monastery, pharmacy-museum, and also restaurants under the underground "Kryivka" and "Coal Mine".


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Екскурсії бувають дуже різні: традиційні, оригінальні, гумористичні. Ми пропонуємо вам незвичайну подорож. Адже про Львів наземний ви уже чули чимало, а от чи мали можливість спуститися до Львова підземного? Що приховує місто під своїми фундаментами? Скарби костелу отців Єзуїтів, підвали з цілющими винами аптеки-музею, легендарні тематичні заклади харчування «Копальня кави» та «Криївка», а також князівська в’язниця Домініканського монастиря – усе це ви побачите у нашій екскурсії «Підземелля Львова»

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Excursion "Underground of Lviv"

Тривалість екскурсії 2 години, початок екскурсії: площа Ринок


After the excursions that have spawned us, we will descend from the heaven to earth, even lower, under the ground. Of course, we will not cover all 100 kilometers of underground passages that scientists have investigated, but we will see a lot of interesting things.

Underground of Dominican Monastery

Have you ever seen a real monk's cell? And what about a real gallop? If you have not, let`s head for the underground of the Dominican Monastery. There is an authentic hall with a gallows and an unusual cell where the spirit of a monk-hermit whose story amazes and surprises lives. It is interesting but these very underground passages are considered to be the remains of the princely palace where Prince Lev lived and reigned from 1270.

The Jesuits' Fathers Church Underground

It is one of the most mysterious and most mystical undergrounds of Lviv. There is a special exhibit here - a real carved 18th century sarcophagus. It belongs to Archbishop Mykola Vyzhytskyi. But there is no historical proof that he was buried there. There is no archbishop in sarcophagus. Is it a mysticism?


One of the most colorful pharmacies in Ukraine is situated exactly in Lviv. Here you can not only buy some medicine, but also you can get acquainted with the history of the pharmacy, see ancient books with not younger receipts, and also look at the collection of medical devices and utensils which were used by people four centuries ago. Finally, only in Lviv and only at the Pharmacy Museum you will have a unique opportunity to visit the laboratory of the medieval alchemist.

A Coffee Mine


Nowadays coffee is mined in a mine. And it was invented by Lviv dwellers. Their coffee is special. Not like the one people all over the world got used to. Moreover, each visitor can see with himself the work of coffee miners, descending to the very mine. After extraction, grains are fried and cooked. You can taste the exuberant Lviv coffee in the cafe, which is located directly above the mine.


We look for moskals, sing songs and drink beverages. It is never boring in Kryivka. And it is also never silent in it. Noise, loudness, shooting and gay songs, such things you can see only in Lviv. Don't forget to remember the national password that is the entry ticket to original knaipa (cafe). And it sounds like "Slava Ukraini - Heroiam Slava". Don't miss the drink you will be treated with at the entrance. And the continuation is your own will.


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  • - супровід гіда-екскурсовода.

    У вартість туру НЕ ВХОДИТЬ:

  • - вхідні квитки:
  • Музей-аптека - 15 грн.;
  • Підземелля Домініканського монастиря - 15 грн.;
  • Підземелля костелу отців Єзуїтів - 15 грн.

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